Maxel company

We guarantee the highest quality on our sewing threads, with a production 100% made in France.

MAXEL is a sewing threads specialist settled in the North of France, in a region renowned for its textile industry.  The company perpetuates the tradition by producing high quality sewing threads, a key product in the textile supply chain.

MAXEL has been producing and selling sewing threads for more than 30 years. With more than 85 references in different formulations, we can match most applications requirements.

Ses objectifs

  • To create and develop new generations of sewing threads, according to the multi-use concept
  • To maintain a good customer service with competitive prices and very short lead times, made possible by simplified order processing and high-speed production.

From order receipt to production and delivery, we remain turned to our customers and  strongly committed to preserve their trust.

Manufactured in our French and Tunisian factories, our products will match your expectations.