The "Ecogriffe" quality

Searching for the best quality




To maintain their performances, clothing and textile companies have to be efficient and innovative.

At MAXEL, we are aware of consumer's health and security. This is why we are committed to follow a Quality System, ensuring that our threads comply with the high technical requirements of the “ECOGRIFFE” certification. Our products are controlled by independent bodies.


“ECOGRIFFE” is a certification standard for products and services, created by the Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Cambresis-Textile companies (a cluster aiming at supporting creation and innovation, promoting international business development and pooling the resources in order to create synergies).



The “ECOGRIFFE” certificate affixed to textile products certifies that they match the following requirements :

  • QUALITATIVE : specific requirements for each product family in order to bring the best quality for the users and consumers
  • ENVIRONMENTAL : all “ECOGRIFFE” certified items are OEKO-TEX 100 certified as well, thus providing the highest security level regarding consumer health and environmental friendliness.
  • ORGANIZATIONAL : strong requirements in terms of Quality System and services, ensuring a continuity of the quality throughout the production process.